Never thought this would be happening. I am so thankful to everyone who made this possible! Joe Vulpis with AP Music Group, every radio station, and every single fan who has listened and requested it back on their radio to make 'Horizon' #7 this week on the Adult Contemporary Billboard Chart! To quote Tim Fahrenthold, "God is good, all the time! And all the time, God is good!

I would like to thank all of the amazing European Radio Stations and DJ's that are playing the new CD, ' Horizon' and to all of the amazing fans and listeners that support the stations, and the music! I would also like to thank the Texas Music Radio Show with Gary and Greybeard, KTEX 106.1 in Brenham, WPAT in New York, 93.1 in Leakey TX, and Mario Rangell at Coyote Country, 104.9!  

I am so excited to announce that the new CD, 'Horizon' is now available on iTunes, and CD! I am so excited to share the new songs with y'all! The new CD will feature these 6 songs. 


Written by: Joe Vulpis / JV Songs / Ascap

 Fiddlin’ Around

Written by: Dolly Parton / Velvet Apple Music / BMI


Written by: Joe Vulpis and Camille Sanders /JV Songs / Ascap

 Please Remember This

Written by: Joe Vulpis and Camille Sanders / JV Songs / Ascap

 These Days

Written by: Joe Vulpis and Camille Sanders / JV Songs / Ascap

Bonus Track

Breathe (feat. Justin Stein)

Written by Joe Vulpis and Camille Sanders / JV Songs / Ascap

Tracked at Omni Sound Studios, Nashville TN

Engineered by: Rory Rositas

Mixed at AP Music Studios, Edgewater NJ

Mixed by: Peter Francovilla & Joe Vulpis

Mastering: Tom Coyne / Sterling Sound

Photography by Caitlynn Sanders

 Tommy Harden: Drums / Percussion

Jeff King: Electric Guitar

Joe Spivey: Acoustic Guitar, Fiddle, Dobro & Mandolin

Steve Hinson: Pedal Steel

Dane Bryan: Keyboards

Joe Vulpis: Additional Keyboards


The single on the new CD, 'Fiddlin' Around' was the song I got to perform in the lifetime christmas movie. Right after the movie was over, I received this letter from Dolly, and it inspired the project! I am so thankful for the opportunity she has given me by letting me record and release her song. I met Joe Vulpis (  in Nashville a while back, and he has taken a chance on me by writing songs with me, taking me to Nashville, recording me and showing me the ropes. He is awesome, to want to help me so much with Dolly's song, and the other five songs that are on the CD. Thank y'all all so much for all of the positive comments! I am so thankful for y'alls friendship and support, it means the world to me! Without y'all there wouldn't be a reason to make music! Thank you!